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Increase your wellbeing by aligning to your purpose through this powerful mini-course.

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Connect to Your Purpose

Increase Your Wellbeing Through Alignment
to Your Purpose

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What's included?

  • 5 Lessons
  • 2 Channeled Meditation Mp3s, including Holographic Sound
  • Written Exercises
  • 7 PDF
  • 32 PDF

Become a Strategist 

You will learn how to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write compelling copy, set a strategic framework when writing

Personal brand

 You will also learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and build your own personal brand through content marketing.
Meet the instructor

Janice Carlin, PhD

Dr. Janice Carlin is an intuitive channel, author, Holistic Health and Nutrition consultant, teacher, and mother. Through her access to The Archives of The Light of The One, she shares messages that empower people to remember who they are and to help themselves, their families, and planet Earth to be able to heal and to thrive.

Janice Carlin, PhD - Course author

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