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Journey to Remembrance

A fully channeled course from The Archives of The Light.

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What's included?

  • 5 Modules
  • 6 Fully Channeled Audio Mp3 Recordings
  • 3 Fully Channeled Videos
  • 265 page Ebook
  • 13 Fully Channeled PDF documents

Remember Your Truth

Feel a stronger sense of connection to yourself as you remember who you really are and why you are here.

The Archives Are Open for You

Be empowered to remember:
How to heal.
How to live in alignment with your purpose.
How to fulfill your mission for being here.
Meet the instructor

Janice Carlin, PhD

Dr. Janice Carlin is an intuitive channel, author, Holistic Health and Nutrition consultant, teacher, and mother. Through her access to The Archives of The Light of The One, she shares messages that empower people to remember who they are and to help themselves, their families, and planet Earth to be able to heal and to thrive.

Janice Carlin, PhD - Course author

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