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Masterful Empath

Energetic Tools and Holistic Support to Empower You to Thrive as a Sensitive Empath
Master Your Empathic Gifts

What's included?

  • 8 In-depth Modules
  • 12 Videos
  • 30 PDF Handouts
  • 7 Mp3 Audio Recordings of Channeled Messages and Meditations

Become a Masterful Empath

You are not alone in your ability to feel so much, so deeply.
Learn what it really means to be a sensitive empath and become empowered to live a healthy, purpose-filled life.

Thrive as an Empath

Finally, the answers you have been searching for! 
Receive the tools and support designed specifically for sensitives and empaths.
Meet the instructor

Janice Carlin, PhD

Dr. Janice is an intuitive channel who shares information to empower sensitive people to be able to thrive. She knows what it feels like to be an empath because she is one. All of her special multidimensional tools are shared in this course to empower and support you and your sensitive children.
Dr. Janice Carlin - Course author
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